In the present age, magic is an exceedingly rare and feared thing. Virtually nobody remembers how to wield it and those that do are shunned and hunted as heretics and witches. Even the Gods have withdrawn their divine influence from the world. As a result, there are some alterations and restrictions to the available classes, as is outlines below:

Any PC class that does not normally possess the ability to cast spells is permitted as written. This includes: barbarians, cavaliers, fighters, monks, and rogues.

Clerics, oracles, sorcerers, summoners, witches, and wizards are not available classes. In addition, gunslingers, ninja, and samurai are also not permitted classes.

Alchemists: The primary abilities of an alchemist to utilize bombs, extracts, and mutagens originates from a mix of alchemical crafting and an infusion of some magical potential. Therefore, the alchemist class functions as written. However, the effects of certain extracts (i.e. beast shape, enlarge person, levitate, etc.) are likely to be misunderstood and assumed to be the result of witchcraft.

Bards: TBD

Druids: TBD

Inquisitors: TBD

Rangers: By default, all rangers are required to take the skirmisher archetype in order to eliminate the class’s normal spell casting progression. Other archetypes that replace a ranger’s normal spell casting may be taken in place of the skirmisher.

Paladins: Use the cavalier class instead.

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