Fallor Pallux

The garb of a high-stationed priest identifies this balding man as belonging to the Divine Host's faithful.


Fallor is the Divine Host’s High Priest in Catafalque. The youngest of only two sons, Fallor was sent off to be raised in the temple before he even came of age. His elder brother had quickly become a successful officer with the Watch and his parents had little interest in the potential of their second son. Feeling abandoned, Fallor embraced his life in the church and the teachings of the Divine Host.

Upon being indoctrinated into the priesthood, Fallon was assigned to a variety of insignificant churches throughout the north, even spending a few years as a wandering priest. He remained devoted to his gods and faithful to the church, however, slowly gaining recognition for his service. Eventually, with the passing of Tragwyddol’s previous High Priest, Fallon was awarded the position in recognition of his pious dedication.

Even after the tragedies of the Great Revolt, Fallor remains faithfully devoted to the Divine Host and his mission of bringing his loving, caring gods into the lives of all the people of Catafalque. Yet years of residing in the lap of wealth and luxury has softened him. He still fears the greed and corruption that consumes most of the city’s aristocrats, but is reluctant to sacrifice the material benefits of his station.

Fallor Pallux

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