Jiranda Hollis

Even the large patch over her left eye is insufficent at covering the scar that mars the stern face of this raven-haired beauty.


Jiranda is captain of Kharon’s Swords. She is a stern, no-nonsense leader who takes her responsibilities seriously. Although not technically of noble blood, her former station as the head of the City Watch, and subsequently the Swords, has offered her an ample taste of the aristocratic lifestyle. Although the King and the other founding families treat her with the respect and courtesy due to the station, she knows they do not consider her to be one of their own.

Jiranda was Captain of the Guard for only six months before Tragwyddol erupted in anarchy. The loss of her left eye during the Great Revolt only reinforced her resolve to maintain order in Catafalque. While the population now is largely law-abiding, Jiranda is quick to respond to any rumor of dissidence with ruthless efficiency. For her, maintaining order is as much for the peoples’ safety as it is for the nobility. Although her disposition is strict, even severe, she is not without compassion. Her sense of honor and fairness has earned her the loyal respect of those who serve under her and the trust of Catafalque’s lesser citizens.

Jiranda Hollis

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