House Rules

In order to make weapons more interesting and varied without resorting to magic special abilities, this is a list of non-magical properties that a weapon can possess. These include:

Bashing: living creatures hit by a bashing weapon must succeed at Fortitude save or be dazed for 1 round. The DC of the saving throw is equal to the damage dealt. This property can only be applied to bludgeoning weapons.

Brutal: you may re-roll any 1’s when rolling damage. You must keep the results of the second roll, even if it is another 1.

Keen: this ability replaces its magical counterpart, but otherwise operates in the same manner.

Parrying: a melee weapon with this property is well-balanced for turning blows aside. Its wielder may chose to take a -1 penalty on attack rolls and combat maneuver checks while gaining a +1 deflection bonus to his armor class.

Weighted: the striking element of a weighted weapon is significantly heavier than normal. The wielder may apply half of his strength bonus to damage rolls. This is in addition to the wielder’s normal strength bonus to damage. Due to it unwieldy nature, attacks made with a weighted weapon gain no bonuses from the escalation die. If the wielder does not normally benefit from the escalation die, he instead takes a penalty to attack rolls equal to the value of the escalation die. This property can only be applied to melee weapons. Attacks made with weighted weapons can never benefit from the Weapon Finesse feat.

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House Rules

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