Magic Arms and Armor

Magic items on Aerth are rare and specials things. Therefore, the standard enhancement bonuses (+1, +2, etc.) to armor and weapons do not constitute a magical item. Instead, these bonuses are representative of increasingly higher levels of craftsmanship. They do not register as being magical when under the scrutiny of a detect magic spell and the spellcraft skill is not beneficial in identifying any non-magical properties of the item.

To correctly identify the quality of a non-magical weapon or armor, a character must succeed at an appraise check against a DC 15 + 3 times the enhancement bonus. Mundane and masterwork items can be correctly identified against a DC 15 check. The DC can be reduced by 5 if the character uses an appropriate craft skill in place of the appraise skill. For example, you could use the craft (weaponsmith) skill to identify a +2 longsword on a DC 16.

For a suit of armor or a weapon to be considered magical, and therefore follow the normal rules for detecting and identifying magical items, the item must possess a special ability (such as flaming, glamoured, or holy).

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Magic Arms and Armor

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